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J. Ashley Kirby
The Watercolors of

     My first oil painting was on a piece of cardboard.  My father was a traveling salesman and left his paints where I could get my hands on them.  Today, I still paint on paper.  Most of my life I had quiet ambitions to be a full time artist but circumstances always seemed to keep art an avocation.
     I studies art in Germany for over two years with Heinrich Kreutzfeldt, a well-known artist from Bad Kreutznach.  I taught children's art classes, photography classes, and designed and built sets for a theater group at the Air Base in Sembach, Germany. 
     I moved to France for a year, then in Athens, Greece before moving to Teheran, Iran for another year.  Life imitates life; I had become a "traveling salesman" with a territory stretching from Morocco to India.  The six day Arab-Israeli War of 1967 forced my eventual return to the states to work in downtown Manhattan.  Circumstances still kept fine art an avocation.
  After a number of years as a designer and builder in Florida, I moved to Greenville, SC and again found some of my father's brushes in my hand.  All of his art "stuff" was passed on to me. 
I went to a watercolor class at Furman University, took workshops with several professionals including Carl Blair, Jeanette Dreskin and Mary White and my art found a new beginning.
     Circumstances have changed.  Art is now my full time profession.  For the last 6 years, I have been teaching classes three days a week in my studios, occasional classes at Furman and participate in 16 to 18 juried Art Fairs throughout the Southeast every year.